Cryptoaddress Resolver

It’s too complicated to remember your cryptoaddress like Mx3b22ca335b9f55af452d8c4b117ee06578505282. When you provide somebody an address or QR code, you could easily make a mistake. So we created a helpful feature which connects your domain (classic or decentralized) with an address, delegation private key and coin ticker.

MNS Standard

Our standard for addresses resolving is a DNS record:

TXT v=mns1 A=Mx000 P=Mp000 C=COIN
mns1 - standard name and version.
A - your address.
P - your node’s public key for delegation.
C - your coin’s ticker.


To resolve cryptoaddress from DNS you could use our REST API located at with a parameter domain.





address - Minter’s address.
publickey - Minternode’s public key for delegation.
ticker - Minter coin’s ticker.
signature - reply’s ECDSA signature by our node. You should check it in case of man-in-the-middle attack. Node’s public key is Mp.